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Lesson Topic/Title - Insects & Arachnids/ Bugs

Kristen Aeschliman


The video, Bugz, will be used to introduce a unit on arachnids and insects in a third grade classroom. The class consists of eight and nine year old students of low to above average achievement. There are two kids in the class who have been identified as learning disabled.

Content Area(s) - Science

Grade Level - 3

Integrated disciplines - Art, language arts, physical education


To identify names of arachnids or insects shown on a video.

To describe shape, color, and texture of arachnids and insects shown on video.

To role play the actions of various arachnids and insects shown on video.


Video, Bugz Aah! Publications, Inc. 1996


Graphic organizer (attached)

Crayons, paper, markers, etc.



Show the hissing cockroaches from room 9. Talk about bugs.

What teacher is to do:

Distribute and explain the graphic organizer

Introduce video - present vocabulary

Carnivore crystals polinator celophane…

Show the video

Watch the video

What students are to do:

Watch the video

Complete the graphic organizer

Discuss the video - vocabulary, kinds of bugs, shape, texture, color, movement…

Sketch one arachnid or insect from the video, including shape, texture, and color.

Make a class chart listing as many arachnids and insects as can be recalled from the video.

Go outside to imitate motions of various arachnids and insects in video.


Share drawings and discuss the upcoming sculpture project.

Review what we learned about arachnids and insects today.


Class discussion and chart will reveal student knowledge of arachnids and insects on video.

Sketches include important details of color, shape, and texture of an arachnid or insect.

Students were able to participate in movement imitation activities.



Merryellen Towey Schulz, Ph.D. College of Saint Mary Spring, 2000